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DriveIT - A Gym Membership for your career

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SMB Solutions

When it comes to IT skills, small and medium businesses face a lot of obstacles in the current economic and technology environment. Employees of these organizations often are required to be multi-disciplinary and due to time and resource constraints need to be as efficient as possible in delivering solutions to their customers. On-site training programs often are not feasible for these organizations because they do not have the volume of learners to justify a site visit. Traditional classroom training, conferences, and seminars require taking time off work which means playing catch-up on project work or when there is an important project coming due, skipping on training altogether.

Large enterprises often have the resources and volume to justify custom solutions, which leaves smaller organizations at a disadvantage that can put them behind the technology curve. Additionally, amid a talent and skills shortage, companies that have robust skill development programs have a competitive advantage in attraction and retention. The top technical workers are aware that their ability to hone, broaden, and grow their skills is critical to maintaining their value to the organizations they serve and keep them intellectually engaged with their roles. An impressive 87% of millennials rate “professional or career growth and development opportunities” as important to them in a job. (Gallup 2016)

These challenges inspired the DriveIT team to create our gym products. Just as your regional physical gyms can provide great programs and equipment, by pooling your training with other businesses we can achieve economies of scale to provide high quality, facilitator-led, synchronous programs at an investment price that fits into your budget.

By partnering with DriveIT your employees can attend our programs both in-person, and virtually via our live streaming classroom option. If that isn’t enough, DriveIT is one of the only training providers that includes career pathway recommendations, allowing you to create a customized plan for each employee and track their progress. Each DriveIT program culminates in an assessment which is reviewed by one of our professional facilitators, which helps you grow your workforce’s skills.

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