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DriveIT - A Gym Membership for your career

Our Programs

Vertical and lateral pathways for technical workers

Our programs are divided into 7 concentrations that have been identified as the highest demand areas of IT. Within these concentrations are a variety of tracks which contain one-to-many programs. By completing multiple programs from the same track, a member can build deeper skills in a specific area, which increases their skills vertically. Other times, members may choose to engage in programs from other concentrations which allows them to expand laterally into new job roles.

Program Roadmap

DriveIT offers a rich variety of programs in the most in-demand topics. Listed below are the areas of concentration and links to their road maps which are viewable in pdf format. Programs are rotated month-to-month throughout the year, with a frequency determined by subscriber demand.

  Business Intelligence & Database Management
  Cloud Computing & DevOps
  Cyber Security
  Data Science
  Digital Marketing & Design
  Soft Skills, Leadership & Project Management
  Software Development