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DriveIT - A Gym Membership for your career

Our Approach

We are passionate about technology, teaching, and learning!  Our founding team previously created both the Software Guild (the first and one of the most successful! .NET and Java coding bootcamps in the world!) and the EXL Center (an experiential learning and entrepreneurship center) at the University of Akron.  We have taken everything we've learned from these endeavors about rapidly and effectively teaching complex technical subjects and poured it into DriveIT.

The fundamental reality is that humans are social beings. Human interaction is essential to a healthy emotional state and in-person training is the best way to learn, communicate, and attain memories. By actively seeing a trainer or expert convey passion about a topic, it ignites the same passion, better interest due to lack of distractions, and an increase in the likelihood of retention.

Not only will these training sessions ensure a better understanding and recall of the lessons and its content, but the face-to-face element also adds an opportunity for colleagues to bond, interact with one another, and increase their camaraderie. The in-person interaction includes the added value of being able to gain insight from other people and develop social linkages.


Drive is more than a name, it’s a strategy

DDevelop new skills to meet future strategic needs.
RRetain key personnel to minimize cost and productivity losses.
I Immerse in skill acquisition and career development.
VVerify that competency is being achieved.
EEmpower employees to engage in deliberate improvement.

Here’s how it works!

The Best of Learning Science

Why are our programs so effective? Because they are based on modern learning science and our team’s experience in creating nationally recognized accelerated learning experiences. Our programs leverage the skills and experience of senior technical talent and support them with experts in learning science and course design. Every in-person workout session in one of our programs follows a pattern to maximize skill acquisition and retention:

Each of our programs culminates with a submitted assignment that is reviewed by our staff, and if the competency goals are achieved, we will reward them with a badge which is added to their membership profile!

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