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DriveIT - A Gym Membership for your career

Fortifying Communities

DriveIT, cares about fortifying communities brand

In addition to the tangible benefits to your company, DriveIT is passionate about providing a diverse, merit-based pipeline for entry level talent into our communities. Information Technology jobs provide great opportunities for our youth; however, the industry has done a poor job of encouraging and engaging community members in STEM initiatives.

To help drive the pipeline of entry-level talent, DriveIT donates a portion of our revenue and freely licenses learning materials to organizations dedicated to supporting regional STEM initiatives. These donations and support often eliminate the tuition costs of attending STEM programs which ensure those from disadvantaged populations have access to the same opportunities as others.

Positive PR for your brand

Our subscription partners have exclusive access to have their brands associated with the power and goodwill of our regional STEM programs at no additional cost. Your company and its employees will be proud to be making a difference with initiatives such as:

  • After School Programs – These programs will allow students to get hands-on experience and generate interest in STEM careers.
  • Empowering Teachers – While many school districts want to encourage STEM careers, they have few teachers on-staff who are capable of teaching STEM curriculum. We are partnering with higher education to provide continuing education credits to teachers that wish to take STEM back to their classroom.
  • Apprenticeship Programs – For adult learners, we work with educators and our subscription partners to provide merit-based pathways into STEM careers for low income and diverse populations.

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