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DriveIT - A Gym Membership for your career


Next Event

December 1 and 2: Solutions Conference Developer Pre-Con
The DriveIT team will be helping with the developer pre-conference classes and workshops for the Blockland Solutions Conference in Cleveland.

We don't have any further events scheduled for December - Happy Holidays from DriveIT!

Past Events

Mr. Mark Smucker - Brands on the Run: Building a 21st Century House of Brands

Blake Squires - Rocking a Startup: Mindset & Tactics to Top the Charts

Randy Cole - DriveOhio: Unlocking the Societal Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles

SurrealPolitik: Leading a Medieval Institution in the Modern World

Adam Gall - Decent: Follow the Money - A Guided Tour of Cryptocurrency

Breaking Down Blockchain (Blockland Edition) w/ Bernie Moreno

Designing an Effective Technical Interview Process

David Leading Goliath: How Entrepreneurs will lead the Innovation Economy