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Modern JavaScript Development

Certificate Level: Intermediate

JavaScript (JS) has long been an essential web technology for building interactive websites - a must for anyone exploring a career in front-end development. But now, advances in the language and expansion of the toolset has extended the usefulness of JS into mobile and desktop app development, game development, and server-side programming. 

Certificate Description

In this certification workshop series, you will receive synchronous, experiential, and live instruction training to use the modern features and frameworks of the JavaScript language. Receive 60 hours of in-depth, practical training, that you can apply to a new career or existing job immediately. 


  • Modern JavaScript 1
  • Modern JavaScript 2
  • TypeScript
  • React 1
  • React / Redux

Level Up Your Skills

  • New to ECMAScript 6 (ES6): block-level bindings, ES6 class syntax, JavaScript modules, destructuring, etc.
  • Advanced JavaScript: promises, closures, functional programming, class-based objects, etc.
  • Learn the development tools and features of TypeScript
  • React basics including JSX, elements, components, and props, etc.
  • Code re-use best practices
  • Advanced React: bundling and splitting code, error handling, integrating React with Redux for state management

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