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Java Spring

Certificate Level: Experienced

This certificate allows experienced Java developers to add Spring to the application development skillset. 

Certificate Description

In this certification workshop series, you will learn how to build new web applications and REST APIs using the base Spring Framework, Spring Data, Spring Boot, and Spring Security. Receive 12 hours of in-depth, practical training, that you can apply to a new career or existing job immediately. 


  • Spring Core
  • Spring Boot
  • Accessing Data with Spring
  • Developing REST Web Services with Spring Boot
  • Securing Web Applications with Spring Security

Level Up Your Skills

  • Learn dependency injection and aspect-oriented programming
  • Build traditional web applications using Spring Boot and the Thymeleaf templating engine
  • Interact with relational data models using Spring JdbcTemplates and Spring Data JPA
  • Create REST web service APIs with Spring Boot
  • Implement authentication and role-based authorization for traditional web application and REST web service APIs using Spring Security

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