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Data Engineering

Certificate Level: Intermediate

Data science is one of the most important and critical industries of the future. However, without skilled data engineers to build infrastructures, all the potential that data science promises will go unrealized. This certification workshop will equip you with the expertise to become one of the most sought-after technical professionals in the job market. 

Certificate Description

In this certification workshop series, you will receive synchronous, experiential, and live instruction training to use the Python language and associated libraries to manipulate, clean, and perform basic analysis of large sets of data. Receive 60 hours of in-depth, practical training, that you can apply to a new career or existing job immediately. 


  • Thinking in Python
  • Data Access with Python
  • Python Data Engineering Tools
  • Traditional ETL
  • Cloud ETL

Level Up Your Skills

  • Use Python development tools
  • Process and utilize data with NumPy and Pandas libraries
  • Visualize data with matplotlib
  • Prepare data for analysis
  • Apply training to cloud data sources

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