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Mark Smucker

L.I.V.E. @ Driveit: 3 Reasons to Attend Our Next Event on October 30th 

1. Learn About The J. M. Smucker Company 

Most people know the company for its jams and preserves, but may be surprised to learn the many household brands it markets. The company has been headquartered in Northeast Ohio since it was founded in 1897. Today, the company continues to be run by its founding family which is highly unique for an organization in its fifth generation. You will learn more about how this company has continued to remain successful for so many years. 

2. Discover How The CPG Landscape Is Changing 

It may not surprise you that food and beverage choices seem to be changing all the time. What may surprise you is that there is a convergence of forces, all happening at the same time, that is driving a massive transformation within the CPG industry. You will learn more about the forces that are having the greatest impact on CPG brands, and why this is creating a tsunami of change within the industry. 

3. Understand How Smucker Is Evolving to Meet the Challenge 

Company President and CEO, Mark Smucker, will share his vision for continuing to successfully build this house of brands. He will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the many changes underway within the company to position the organization for more rapid, ongoing growth. Mark will also provide insight on how brand-building is evolving, and what brands must do to keep pace in this dynamic environment.

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Mark Smucker

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