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L.I.V.E @ DriveIT: 3 Reasons To Attend Our Next Event on Tuesday September 18th

Randy Cole (Ohio Turnpike Executive Director aka @OHTurnpikeGuy) will discuss ”DriveOhio: Unlocking the Societal Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles.” In this imminent era of disruptive technology, leadership requires innovation, collaboration, and vision. Those who are willing to join DriveOhio in "Leading From the Edge" can utilize new opportunities for independent mobility to usher in a new era of engagement for vulnerable populations.

1. Learn About DriveOhio

With autonomous and connected vehicles leading both the automotive and infrastructure agendas of governments at every level, here and across the globe, DriveOhio was created by Governor John R. Kasich as a one-stop shop for those looking to safely develop, test and deploy advanced mobility solutions in Ohio.  Ohio’s leadership in this realm is being established by providing a single point of contact and collaboration for the dozens of public and private entities in our state that are involved in the design, development, testing, use and regulation of autonomous and connected technologies – as well as those responsible for the public policies and infrastructure needed by those technologies.

2. Find Out How Much Work Is Going Into DriveOhio

DriveOhio’s work is guided by four fundamental pillars: Transportation Safety – which is first and foremost – Reliability, Mobility, and Workforce. We have nearly a dozen smart mobility projects either under construction or soon to be announced – projects aimed at testing advanced transportation technologies in a variety real-life smart mobility applications including improved access to work, education, healthcare and the essentials of a healthy, productive life. One of the biggest things DriveOhio leaders are learning is the importance of using public/private partnerships to achieve its goals. Public-sector partners, including nine state agencies and municipalities from across the state, are participating in working groups along with the automotive industry, academia, and Ohio’s world-class research and development institutions. Together, they are working to ensure Ohio stays on the cutting edge of smart mobility technology, standardization, infrastructure, and implementation.

3. See How Vulnerable Populations Will Achieve Greater Mobility

Connected vehicle and highly automated vehicle technology, including self-driving, will help blind and disabled Ohioans achieve greater independence and productivity in the workplace, as well as complement public transit in providing economically disadvantaged populations with access to jobs. New mobility options will help address a multitude of challenges arising from a growing senior population often referred to as the “Silver Tsunami.” Providing additional services, safety, and reliability to citizens positions Ohio for a very bright future.

Please join us!  Click here to register: 

WHO: Randy Cole, Executive Director of the Ohio Turnpike (and Infrastructure Commission)

WHAT: DriveOhio: Unlocking the Societal Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles

WHEN: Tuesday, September 18th - Doors open at 5:30 PM, Presentation & QA at 6:00 PM.

WHERE: DriveIT, 755 White Pond Drive, Suite 402, Akron OH 44320...or online at

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