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Blockchain and Blockland

On August 14th, DriveIT hosted a Minding Your Own Business (MYOB) series event about blockchain and Blockland featuring Bernie Moreno.  

Blockchain is an emerging technology that is getting a lot of attention right now.  Most people have heard of blockchain through Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but many people don't realize that cryptocurrency is but one of a very large number of applications for blockchain technology.  Blockchain truly has the potential to change how we process and keep track of business transactions.

Blockland is a comprehensive, region-wide effort to put in place all the things necessary for Northeast Ohio to support a blockchain based innovation and technology economy.  This effort includes private companies, government, non-profits, educational institutions, and venture capital sources organized into 10 cooperative working groups, called nodes.

To learn more about blockchain and Mr. Moreno's vision for Blockland, view the entire event in the video below.



Eric Ward