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Mark Smucker

L.I.V.E. @ Driveit: 3 Reasons to Attend Our Next Event on October 30th 1. Learn About The J. M. Smucker Company Most people know the company for its jams and preserves, but may be surprised to learn…

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Blockchain and Blockland

On August 14th, DriveIT hosted a Minding Your Own Business (MYOB) series event about blockchain and Blockland featuring Bernie Moreno.  Blockchain is an emerging technology that is getting a lot of…

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Data Science: It’s Not Just For IT

One way industries can address the data scientist shortage is by encouraging specific employees to become citizen data scientists. A citizen data scientist is someone outside of the field of statistics and analytics who can use big data tools and intermediate analytical skills to perform the same predictive and prescriptive diagnostics as a data scientist. By converting existing employees with the right skills into citizen data scientists, organizations can create their talent instead of buying it at peak demand price.…

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5 Things Keeping IT Leaders In Northeast Ohio Up at Night

Technology is one of the most demanding professions in existence. Daily, we sprint against the clock to stay ahead of innovation and defend against cybersecurity threats. Meanwhile, advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence are having a dramatic impact on how we run our course. But these issues are child’s play compared to the battle IT leaders in Northeast Ohio are soon to face. Today, we’re investigating the top 5 things keeping local IT experts up at night.…

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The Business Case For Experiential Training In IT

IT pros — are you ready for some tough love? A college degree isn’t good enough anymore. It’s a necessary milepost on your pathway to career success, but technology is evolving too fast for professionals to depend solely on information taught to them years ago. That information is already obsolete! The fast pace of evolving technology, paired with shortcomings in the way IT knowledge is taught and maintained have created quite the conundrum.…

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