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DriveIT - A Gym Membership for your career

A Gym Membership for your Career

DriveIT subscriptions are a competitive advantage for your business

No other training solution delivers the advantages and ROI that DriveIT subscriptions do. We are more than just a training provider, we strive to be a valued partner in your organization. Here are just some of the ways we can benefit your organization and its employees

The Constricting Talent Pipeline

With only 1 graduate for every 5.8 entry-level IT postings among the top ten careers1, we are simply not producing enough talent to meet future demand. This shortage gets steadily worse as the lack of entry-level talent translates into a lack of the mid-level talent which is the backbone of the IT workforce. Currently, over 50% of open IT postings seek workers with at least 3 to 5 years of experience1. The rapid pace of change in technical skills is also playing a factor inexperienced workers become less qualified over time as current training options are inadequate both in effectiveness and return on investment. 63% of incumbent IT professionals cite a mismatch between their skills and open positions.

IT Leaders agree. 67% of IT leaders believe their organization does not have the skills necessary to meet their strategic goals. 1

1 ConxusNEO IT Research Study

Challenges in Skill Acquisition

Businesses realize the value of upskilling their incumbent workforce. The ideal training solution would leverage modern learning science techniques such as immersion and social learning to provide verified, competency based program. Unfortunately, the most common training solutions fall short:

What We Need is a Gym!

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